Growing Up and Being Bullied

I was twelve years old and was entering into middle school. As many know, middle school can be a really awkward time in our lives. Not only was it awkward for me, it was scary and disheartening. Fellow classmates were not afraid to point out my buck teeth and were quick to greet me as "Beaver" when I stepped onto the bus.

 I was constantly made fun of for my beliefs and dreams at a very young age. Growing up, it was incredibly hard for me to make friends due to the shame I received from fellow classmates.  Sadly, I was only one of many kids that was made fun of. Over 3 million students are affected each year because of bullying and only 17% of these students report it. This means that we, as bystanders, need to step up and speak out. Join us in spreading awareness on social media and creating Bully-Free Zones in the community with our #StickItToBullying campaign.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we want to create more awareness and help fight back by spreading kindness and positivity. Today, we encourage you to go out of your way to spread a little bit of love in a way that you normally wouldn't. Reach out to that person you have been meaning to compliment and do it, tip your waiter or waitress a little extra, or even make a special dinner for your significant other. Show the ones that you love that you love them and show the ones you don't know, that you care, because you never know when someone might need that extra ounce of kindness.

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