How Domestic Violence Affected My Family

It feels so easy to talk about myself until I have to talk about the hard stuff. I've never been the greatest about opening up, especially when it comes to my past. But sometimes admitting your past can help make someone's present not so awful. That's my hope anyways.

My past has not always been ugly, but when it was, it taught me more than I could ever comprehend at a young age. I wasn't born into a perfect marriage nor a perfect world. I learned from a very early age of the world's disappointments. My first and most life changing disappointment was my biological father.  The only real love he ever felt was for the bottom of his bottle. Anything that got in the way of his one true love would be beaten and thrown to the side like a pile of garbage. Sadly, my mother was someone who often stood in the way of my father's alcoholism. She fought for real love and a real family. She wanted the absolute best for me and knew that my biological father was not that. 

My mother bravely fled from the abuse and freed our family. My mother taught me to never give up, to stay true to yourself, and what real love really looks like. I cannot thank her enough for being who she is. 

After fleeing, my mom and I both needed some help. My mom had sought out free counseling for herself at Family Resources but thought it might be a good idea for me to see someone as well. Red flags started raising when I would say things to my mom like "I don't want anyone to cut your heart out". Her therapist suggested that I had probably heard my father say those things but didn't repeat them until I felt safe to do so. Soon after, I started seeing a therapist for children that have witnessed abuse. 

Family Resources is what helped my family heal and revive us back to life. My mom and I are so incredibly thankful for all of the help and kindness we received while there. The staff there are incredibly understanding and do an amazing job at respecting each individual's privacy. They are great at creating a safe space for their survivors. They will also house anyone that needs the help.

It has now been 22 years ago since we escaped. In that time, my mom has become an advocate for survivors and families that have been through domestic violence. She knows how important it is to stand next to families and remind them that they are not alone.

We want to encourage other families and friends of ours to do the same. Studio 714 is currently taking donations for Family Resources till the end of February. Domestic violence is real life and happens to the friends and families you would never expect. Help us help these families by donating items like toiletries, baby wipes, diapers, coats, scarves, and toys.


We thank you in advance for your donations!

You can drop your donations off at:
714 East Denison Avenue in Davenport, IA 
If you have any questions you can call (563)-323-3448.



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