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  You just left the salon and your feeling fantastic with your new look and style! You loved your stylist and the connection that you had with them. They made you feel like more than just a number and that was incredibly refreshing. You know that the best way to take care of your style is with professional product but your still not completely sure as to which product is best for you. The stylist made a few suggestions, but most of it was in one ear and out the other! You were too busy focusing on how much you loved the experience and your new style.

   Well good news! Now, you have a tool that is at your disposal so you can decide which products are meant for you. Not only will our YouTube channel fill you in on some product knowledge, but we will also keep you up to date on our sales and what's trending when it comes to beauty. 

   We want our channel to be a one stop shop for all things beauty related. We encourage you to subscribe so that you can be the first to know when we publish another video! Click the link above to subscribe!

   If you have any ideas or anything you would like to see us chat about, feel free to contact us below and let us know! 

    From all of the artists at Studio 714, 

                  We're wishing you great hair and great vibes.

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